Lots of exciting things are happening with TRANSIT as the season draws to a close. It’s been a wonderful year full of interesting adventures, and we are very excited about the way things are shaping up for next season!

The DoubleBill Series will be back in full force next year with concerts focusing on compelling things happening in the new music scenes of Australia and Denmark. As this series matures (five years going strong!), we are excited to build upon its structure to allow for deeper collaborations and cultural exchanges, while remaining true to its adventurous, globetrotting spirit.

We are also excited to continue our relationship with the Kent Gallery in Chelsea to provide a platform for innovative performers to present solo sets of experimental music in an intimate setting through the Spotlight Series. The series’ most recent concert featuring cellist Evelyn Farny and toy piano virtuoso Phyllis Chen was a smashing success, and we look forward to presenting more captivating programs featuring adventurous performers in the coming year.

Details about next year’s DoubleBill and Spotlight seasons coming soon!

In other news, TRANSIT was recently awarded a grant from the Cary New Music Fund (Meet the Composer/New Music USA).  We are so pleased to be a beneficiary of this very important program that provides vital support to new music organizations based in the five boroughs of NYC. These funds will help TRANSIT pursue its big goals by assisting with the many small, unglamorous tasks that are required to get the music written, produced, and performed! If you have a few dollars to spare, please consider chipping in to our general operating fund to amplify the positive effects of this grant.  You can donate online here.

Finally, TRANSIT is starting a new online initiative called ComposerViews. The idea behind this new feature came from the realization that while TRANSIT often has lots of opportunities to have interesting chats with composers when we work on their music together, listeners and audiences don’t generally have the same opportunities to hear composers discuss their ideas about music. ComposerViews provides a space for composers to sound off on music (and anything else that comes to mind via free-wheeling interviews) which are posted on the TRANSIT website. Check out our latest interview here with the totally captivating Angélica Negrón.

Happy Summer!