* Written for TRANSIT


Casey Thomas Anderson: Snow

Laura Andel: Doble Mano

Louis Andriessen: Worker’s Union

Oscar Bettison: Gauze Vespers

Marc Bowden: fractus duo

Ryan Brown: Under Sleep*

Alexandra Buschman: Trasfondo

Jason Cady: Three Quintets

John Cage: Suite for Toy Piano; But What About the Noise of Crumpling Paper…

Richard Carrick: Towards Qualia

Ryan Carter: Headless Monkey Attack*

Eric KM Clark: Deprivation Music No. 9*

Quinn Collins: Winding

Daniel Colson: Transitory Music*

Julian Day: Beginning to Collapse*

Carsten Bo Eriksen: Cognito *, Icon of Red Tears*, Distant*

Noam Faingold: Bonaparte Born to Party*

Daniel Felsenfeld: Spider Songs*

Sean Friar: Scale 9

Matias Hancke de la Fuente: El Eco en su Sombra*

Alfonso Fuentes: Voces del Barrio

Lesley Flanigan: Expand/Release*

Ruby Fulton: Lily Tank*

William Gardiner: Onliving*

Alexandra Gardner: Bloom

Whitney George: The Anatomy of the Curiosity Cabinet

Casey Hale: …In the Middle of a Wheel

Tim Hansen: Kokain, Champagner und Beruhigungsmittel* (2013)

Ted Hearne: One of us One of them

Ramin Heydarbeygi: Rok-ku No Haiku

Silas Huff: Der Whiskey

Ejnar Kanding: Texture I *, Mosaico 1*

Fung Lam: Remembering Dowland*; A Pensive Moment*

Lan-Chee Lam: Spiritual Rain*

David Little: Sunday Morning Trepanation

Christopher Marianetti: Over the World Gilvert Grovenor

Christopher Mayo: Line Telling*

Matt McBane: Anchor

Meredith Monk: Double Fiesta

Kate Moore: Sensitive Spot; Without Measure

Pat Muchmore:  |D@L!/\/\P$3S7 ζf(f(2)) (Babel & Sheshach)*

Jeff Myers: Makassar Strait*

Angelica Negron: What I’m Trying To Say Is…*

Pablo Ortiz: Hipermilonga

Tristan Perich: Observations; Woven*

Gerard Pesson: Mes Beatitudes

Charlie Piper: Machana*

Will Redman: Book

Terry Riley: In C

Jessica Rudman: Three Pieces for the Anatolian Trio

Ivan Solano: Seven Glints of the Crystal*

Sergei Tcherepnin: Prediction (Two Clouds)*

Ines Thiebaut: Imagery No. 2

Jason Treuting: How to (blank) -OR- how to make music from a newspaper headline*

Matthew Welch: Symphony of Drones; The Secret Labyrinth of Ts’ui Pen*; Ulrikke

Michael Winter: field and perfect circuit

Daniel Wohl: Plus ou Moins*; Suite Primaire*; Big Hands*; Ritual, Lighthouse; Pixelated

Daniel Wohl and video artists Antoine Catala, Brian Gibson, Andrew Steinmetz & Teddy Stern, Brina Thurston, Yui Kugiyama, Satan’s Pearl Horses, and Alexis Gambis: Corps Exquis*

Julia Wolfe: Girlfriend

Christian Wolff: Pairs

Cynthia Lee Wong: Sketch

Samson Young: Learning to Write Andante Cantabile*

Rasmus Zwicki: chiasm (2007)