Corps Exquis, on New Amsterdam Records:

NPR’s Heavy Rotation: “…Wohl and his TRANSIT new-music ensemble attain a remarkable assortment of electronic and organic sounds blended to the point of inseparability…compact melodic gestures unfold with the lyricism of calligraphy, while its diaphanous harmonies somehow transport, unsettle and delight all at once.”

New Music Box: “endlessly interesting…a seamless marriage of acoustic instruments and electronics that opens its mouth and sings, up close and personal, in a language that retains its vibrant human energy.”

Pitchfork: “…beautiful and maze-like, with sounds emanating from all directions in your listening space.”

NPR’s All Things Considered: “exquisite sound world”

New York Times: “deliciously lovely…boldly surreal aural experience”

Chicago Reader: “fantastic new album”

I Care If You Listen: Corpus video premiere

Q2 Music Album of the Week: “Between Wohl’s electronics and Transit’s instrumentalism, “Corps Exquis” adds up to more than the sum of its parts.”


Corps Exquis live:
I Care if You Listen: “…a multimedia experience that thoroughly awakened the senses.”

TRANSIT’s performance at the Ecstatic Festival with Daniel Wohl, Laurel Halo, and Julia Holter:
Tiny Mixtapes: “If at any point you need a concrete example of what to do, please refer to Julia Holter, Laurel Halo, and Daniel Wohl’s recent live collaboration with TRANSIT”

URB Magazine: “immeasurably satisfying”

WQXR: “expressive impact”

Feast of Music: “It was, for lack of a better word…ecstatic.”

Dummy Magazine: “…occasionally dark and looming, and often quite beautiful.”