Corps Exquis

TRANSIT is proud to announce the release of Daniel Wohl’s debut album Corps Exquis on New Amsterdam Records. 

Corps Exquis
The album features a remarkable hybrid of music that is part-mechanical and part-organic on the aptly titled Corps Exquis (“Core Ex-SKI”)— a French term that translates in English as “Exquisite Body.” Corps Exquis is a new aesthetic experience that exists at the intersection of video installation, rock concert, avant-garde cinema, and experimental classical and electronic music.  Conceived by composer Daniel Wohl, Corps Exquis is a special project in conjunction with TRANSIT  and a collective of New York City video artists that combines the vitality of the city’s emerging experimental music and video art scenes.  This large-scale performance piece transcends artistic boundaries while creating an immersive sensory world. Corps Exquis was premiered at Galapagos Art Space in a program alongside experimental music by Tristan Perich and So Percussion. Subsequently, it has left its mark on NYC venues as disparate as Webster Hall and Saint Paul’s Chapel at Trinity Church Wall Street.

The album was recorded by Andrew McKenna Lee at Still Sound Studios and Ryan Streber at Oktaven Audio. The album was engineered and mixed by Andrew McKenna Lee and mastered by Joe Lambert.

Corps Exquis is available for sale on, iTunes, and Archiv Music. Read reviews of the album here.


Corps Exquis tracklisting:
1. Neighborhood (feat. So Percussion)
2. 323 (feat. vocals by Aaron Roche and Daniel Wohl)
3. Cantus
4. Ouverture
5. Plus Ou Moins
6. Limbs
7. Insext
8. Fluctuations
9. Corpus (feat. vocals by Julia Holter)

Video artists:
Yui Kugimiya
Satan’s Pearl Horses
Brina Thurston
Alexis Gambis
Andrew Steinmetz
Teddy Stern
Antoine Catala

Watch a trailer for Corps Exquis made by Satan’s Pearl Horses.