6 days left: how you can help

Dear backers, friends, and fans,

With just six days to reach our goal, we need your help. Here are some easy things you can do to support us:

1. Comment! Help us create buzz about our project today to attract attention to our project. You can comment on our kickstarter page and/or our facebook page (facebook.com/transitnewmusic). Comments (rather than “likes” on Facebook) reach more people. You can also post our kickstarter link as your status on facebook with a quick sentence about why you are proud to support new music and emerging artists by donating to TRANSIT.

2. Contact your friends who you do not see listed as our backers. If you have someone in mind who would be interested in supporting our project, we would greatly appreciate you spreading the word.

3. Increase your pledge. We are so humbled and thankful for all of your donations. If every one of our current backers gave just $6 more, that would cover one quarter of what remains to be raised by Saturday!

Thank you again for all of your support. We can’t wait to share this album with you.


Halfway there!

Happy New Year!

We are halfway to our fundraising goal, and we have 16 days left to complete our kickstarter campaign. Thank you so much to all of our donors who have gotten us this far!

If you haven’t yet visited our kickstarter page, be sure to go and take a look at our video and view the list of incentives for your donation.

Thank you!

Kick it!

Hi again!

Remember how we said to stay tuned for details about our recording? Today, we are embarking on a kickstarter campaign to raise funds to cover studio and production costs. We have some exciting incentives for your donation, and we appreciate your generosity! Please visit this link to learn more about the project.





Long time, no post! We are really excited for our upcoming show in February at the acclaimed Ecstatic Music Festival, which fosters new collaborations between artists.

If you’ve never been to one of these shows before, you’re in for a treat. It’s fun to see artists you know working with ones you haven’t heard of before, or to see interesting pairings of your favorite groups. We will be joining forces with Julia Holter and Laurel Halo on a new collaboration (along with our very own Daniel Wohl), in addition to playing excerpts from Corps Exquis (post-recording! Did we mention we’re making an album??? Tune in later this week for details…) and other top-secret stuff. For more information and to buy tickets, visit this link.

Ecstatic Music Festival: Merkin Hall at the Kauffman Center
TRANSIT & Daniel Wohl, Julia Holter, and Laurel Halo

Saturday, February 23 at 7:30pm
129 W. 67th Street New York, NY 10023

Additional press:
FACT Magazine is ecstatic, too
Dummy Magazine is pumped!


Friends, get out your calendars, because we have an exciting event coming up!

You might have heard the news that we’re headed to the studio to record a full-length album for New Amsterdam Records. If you’re a close friend of TRANSIT, you may also know that Daniel Wohl’s birthday is on September 7th.

On Friday, September 7th, we will be having a fundraiser party from 9pm to 3am at the Toro Lounge in Tribeca, located in the Smyth Hotel’s Plein Sud brasserie. They have graciously agreed to donate a generous percentage of the night’s alcohol sales to fund our upcoming album. We are also excited to have two awesome acts providing music: DJ Yoraura spinning funk and disco tunes, and stunning synth compositions by Lorna Dune.

If you haven’t heard about the Toro Lounge, it is swanky, has delicious cocktails, and has authentic French matador capes on the walls. Bring your friends for fun and to support our album! If you already have plans that night, drop by for a drink before or after. We’d love to see you!

September 7
TORO LOUNGE at Plein Sud
85 W Broadway
NY, NY 1007
(212) 587-7000

Nearest subway:
Chambers St (1,2,3, A&C)
Park Pl (2,3)