DoubleBill Festival

Dear friends,
We are excited to present TRANSIT’s first-ever DoubleBill Festival on May 25, 26, and 27. If you have followed us for the past several years, you will recall that each DoubleBill concert is a mini festival of sorts. We like to think of a DoubleBill show as two concerts, minus the jet lag from international travel. (Hopefully our venues provide you with better legroom, too!) Our DoubleBill shows include time between the two halves of the concert for refreshments, mingling, and a chance to meet the composers featured in the show. So, really, it’s like two concerts and a party.

Hopefully our DoubleBills don’t make you bite your fingernails. No threats of alien invasion here…oh wait! What about Headless Monkey Attack by Ryan Carter, on May 25…?


We digress. The DoubleBill Festival is going to be spectacular! May 25 at the Actors Fund Art Center (Brooklyn) will feature composers from NYC and Denmark. On May 26, we will be at the DiMenna Center (W. 37th St.) for NYC vs. Australia.┬áBang on a Can All-Star Vicky Chow will be the performer on the May 27th concert of NYC and the Netherlands, which will be at Church of the Advent Hope (E. 87 and Park Ave). Do you need to write that down? It’s all on our DoubleBill page, along with the program info and press release.

More updates as we get closer!