TRANSIT starts December with a bang!

TRANSIT will be starting December with two shows! Come join us on Saturday, December 7 for a FUN-draiser for the wonderful Wild Shore Festival for New Music. TRANSIT will be performing along with Concert Black. Refreshments will be provided, and Alaskan items will be raffled off to promote this worthy festival. Visit this facebook invitation for more info.

Wild Shore Benefit Party
Saturday, December 7
DiMenna Center, Benzaquen Hall
$25 admission


TRANSIT (Joe Bergen, and David Friend, and Andie Springer) will be performing at Brooklyn’s beautiful Firehouse Space on Sunday, December 8 at 8:00. Tickets are $10 at the door. Beer and wine will be sold inside. The evening opens with andPlay and Bearthoven performing works by Brooks Frederickson. The Firehouse Space is located at 246 Frost Street in Brooklyn.

On the program:

Talk Radio – Casey Anderson

Ritual – Daniel Wohl

Maclaren Summit – John Luther Adams

from “Siteless Structures” – Tania Ko:
Triple Fold
Refused Skyscraper
Soft Origami
Program Falls

Snow – Casey Anderson

Facebook invitation

Firehouse Space page